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Bérengère Cottel

Adults, teenagers and children

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Psychologist Antibes : I’m a qualified therapist and psychologist, certified both as a psychopathologist and a cognitive and clinical psychologist, offering individual and couple counselling both in French and English for your convenience.

Why do we need a psychologist ?

Mental health is by all means as important as physical one.
At times when you feel lost, it can be helpful to talk to a qualified therapist, who could help you find your own healthy solutions in order to live fully again. I guarantee a safe and confidential space for you to explore the reality of your life and yours unique issues, get over your past experiences that could be traumatizing, discover your true selves, begin the process of change and achieve your full potential.

It might feel intimidating at first to contact a psychologist, however, if you had it on your mind and are reading this post right now, it might be, because there are certain issues that you need to overcome with a help of a professional in order to take control over your life again in a positive manner. So give it a try!

Our work (examples of symptoms)

Together with my patients we have treated anxiety, sadness, stress, depression, irritation, have raised their self-esteem, got rid of phobias and addictions, as well as have solved marriage and couple issues.
My former patients have reportedly felt better with sessions and were able to use the techniques offered during our sessions later on in life without my supervision.

The bond between the psychologist and patient is essential for change and healing and is based on knowledge, open-mind, sincerity and respect.

Diploma & experiences

I have studied for 6 years and have majored in Clinical Psychology, Psychopathology and Development, Cognitive and Clinical Psychology, as well as have 8 years of counseling experience across numerous cities of France. I have worked in hospitals, medical centers, have been assisting companies that provide social and professional integration, acting as a social worker and a therapist at the same time. Plus, I have been coaching social workers, covering various topics, including and not limited to social, emotional and cognitive development in both adults and children. I am involved in the training of the future speaking therapist.
Further information in regard to my skills and degree are available on LinkedIn or upon your request.

Bérengère Cottel – Psychologist  Antibes

berengere cottel psychologue antibes

Psychologist Antibes

My office is open for you Monday-Saturday from 8:00 to 20:00.
You are welcome to make your appointment via:

The sessions will take place at the Antibes Centre Bien être, located at :

431 avenue Jules Grec

Résidence la Grande Ourse

Bat. E


Due to low-entry prices, my sessions are accessible to each and all in need in our area.
That way, an individual session of an hour would cost you 60€, while a couple session is 80€ for 1h15. Please bear in mind that psychotherapist sessions are not covered yet by the French social security system. However, certain private insurance companies do the coverage, thus, do not hesitate to request more details from your insurer before our appointment. Enjoy your day and see you soon.







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